Enda Ecopole and Entreprise Bracelets

Good evening, we just finished speaking with Seni, from the Entreprise Bracelets, who creates and sells a wide range of small art products, such as bracelets, necklaces, decoration dolls, and many other beautiful creations... We felt she had an excellent knowledge of the market she targets. We learnt how she uses unique selling techniques and how she would like to expand her business and increase her company's revenue. We talked about different scenarios she has in mind to strengthen her presence in the markets of Dakar.

This morning was very booked, since we went to Enda Ecopole and had the opportunity to meet many people, and discover its neighborhood and its network of activities. Enda Ecopole is a very interesting organization that promotes small urban 
economy by providing support and to the young people who don't have access to school and face difficulties getting jobs. Through a wide range of activities, or workshops, they have an opportunity to get hands-on training and gain confidence. WOW provided funds to 2 of those workshops. One is focusing on transforming pieces of metals (such as used bottles caps) into art objects and furniture. The other one is creating iron-based products such as doors, stairs, or fences... using recycled pieces when possible.

It will be exciting to put down our thoughts about those companies tomorrow at the office.


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